Month: June 2021

5 natural flat belly drinks to look slim effortlessly

Introduction You can do all the exercise in the world and have the most low-calorie diet ever, but one tiny cheat meal and all the weight goes and lodges itself into your tummy. Especially if you’re a woman, you know what it feels like to wake up and find yourself staring at a huge belly […]

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Ayurveda-backed detox drinks: From morning to night

Are you waking up to a face full of acne every morning? Do you have a tough time emptying your bowels? Is your energy level at an all-time low? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then your body is probably screaming for a detox. Detoxing is an ancient practice dating back to […]

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Quiz: What’s your dominant dosha?

The life energies flowing through the cosmos are of five major types- air, water, fire, earth, and space. These elements also constitute the human body and are present in every cell, tissue, and organ. This is why you feel connected when you take a walk amid nature because you and Mother Nature are made of […]

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