Day: 17 May 2021

Anti-inflammatory diet: 10+1 Breakfast recipes

Broccoli-cucumber salad Ingredients: Broccoli, lettuce leaves, cherry/regular tomatoes For the dressing: Mint leaves, olive oil/coconut oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper Toppings (Optional): Toasted walnuts Method: Steam the broccoli and place aside Chop the lettuce and dice the cherry tomatoes into small chunks Mix all the veggies together in a deep-bottomed dish Whip up a quick […]

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10 Anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothies for an energizing start to the day

Watermelon-pineapple smoothie: Your vitamin C-fortified morning drink This luscious red smoothie is loaded with anti-inflammatory nutrients like vitamin C, lycopene from watermelon, and bromelain from pineapple. The natural sweetness from these fruits delivers a fresh burst of flavor with every sip, meaning you don’t need artificial sweeteners. Enjoy it as a quick drink before work […]

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10 Healthy 4-ingredient pancake recipes for weight loss

Cottage cheese pancake Ingredients: Crumbled cottage cheese (50 grams) + almond milk (1 cup) + 2 mashed overripe bananas + ground flaxseeds (4 tablespoons) Soft and spongy with an instant melt-in-the-mouth feel, cottage cheese pancakes are high in protein and get a probiotic boost from the addition of mashed bananas. Adding ground flaxseeds negates the […]

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