Day: 20 March 2021

How many calories to eat before your morning workout?

Timing of pre-workout meal Pre-workout meals should be eaten no less than 30 minutes prior to a workout. Choose foods that are easily digestible, like simple carbohydrates instead of high-fiber/ high-fat foods. For early morning sessions, keep it extra simple with maybe a piece or two of fruit or Greek yoghurt. A high-protein pre-workout is […]

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How to get back in shape after the holidays

If sugary treats and high-calorie drinks were what it took to unify people at the dinner table and create beautiful moments of togetherness, then those little extra inches you pile up on after the holidays are much less to worry about than you think! Getting back to form after a long period of homestay is […]

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Diet Trends that will rule 2021

Entrants to the scene of healthy eating find themselves lost in the sea of information available in the digital world. In fact, the number one problem with weight watchers is that nobody knows what to do anymore. Should we eat only fruits and veggies, or go low-carb altogether? Should we quit meat cold-turkey and go […]

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